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Our Goals in Mind Our Programs

Our foundation encompasses several aspects that help our community members. With these key programs, we become a center point for the Nigerian-American development.

Speak Now Africa Program (SNAP)

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Education Development Program (EDP)

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Health for Prosperity Program (HPP)

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Organization Development Program (ODP)

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A Time To Mourn

An Ecumenical Memorial Service

For Lives Lost to COVID-19

NAPAC Foundation is sponsoring free COVID Testing kits. The NAPAC COVID-19 Testing Program is available to anyone who can access this website to create an account and log-in: Blueprint for Wellness. Use the registration key: afwc.

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Welcome to NAPAC Foundation

NAPAC Foundation continues to campaign for social change, establish systems of support for our community members, and provide a platform for the voice of the next generation of Nigerian-Americans in the United States. Even with small efforts, our combined dedication enables us to support the less privileged by providing them with a strong network of support systems. The power to make a difference is in your hands. Join us today!

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Our Commitment Our Mission Statement

To engage, inform, and empower Nigerian-Americans in the United States through policy impact, education, health and wellness, effective advocacy, and economic empowerment.

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